do you want to buy the new mondeo luxury?

do you want to buy the new mondeo luxury?answer(1):>compared with the 2013 model, the 200 luxury model will increase theconfiguration of engine rear-stop, steering wheel heating, back and forthradar, positioning and navigation.of course electronic auto READ MORE »

admin 2017-11-14

what brand of car to buy good?

answer(1):brand is not important, the key is to buy your favorite, practical, cost-effective high car models! as for the"universe card"or"village card"is notimportant.answer(2):answer(3):see your specific budget yet.answer(5):answer(4):hello, this depends READ MORE »

admin 2017-11-10

seeking to recommend landing 250,000 cars

problem description:seeking to recommend landing 250,000 carsanswer(1):select magotan, camry performance is better, more stable atmosphere(2):lacrosse, magotan, passat, mondeo, mai rui bao xlanswer(4):qijun large interior space, interior work fine, comfor READ MORE »

admin 2017-11-10

and t corolla which better

problem description:and t corolla which betteranswer(1):now 1.2t displacement car models and standard esp security and stability ishigh>answer(2):1.8 better! stamina enoughanswer(3):.answer(4):there is currently no 1.8, there are 1.6 answer(5):1.2, mix READ MORE »

admin 2017-11-10

sylphy and corolla which household good?

problem description:sylphy and corolla which household good?answer(1):p>practicality is more recommended~ caroline higher cost, the late possession oflarger.answer(3):hello, personally recommend the purchase of corolla.sales and reputation aregood.coro READ MORE »

admin 2017-11-10

repair about how much money

problem(1):this is a right front fender, a right rear fender and a right rear bumpercorner right! this is not very troublesome to repair, the two pit flattenedwith a sheet metal repair instrument and then scratch the ash spray paint onthe line! 4s store i READ MORE »

admin 2017-11-08

ask you god how to get an interest-free loan

problem description:ask you god how to get an interest-free loananswer(1):interest-free loans can only be said that the manufacturers of a policy tofind a good brand activities(3):first, if the manufacturers introduced loan policy, take factory finance, t READ MORE »

admin 2017-11-07

nissan teana how?

problem description:nissan teana how?teana():teana medium-sized car steady and spacious atmosphere and spaciouscomfort is good value for money is a good choice.answer(3):answer(2):good comfort, power is also ok, teana comfort good, full of power, large sp READ MORE »

admin 2017-11-07

chuan qi gs discount how much

problem description:chuan qi gs discount how muchanswer(1):666666answer(2):> chuan qi gs4, the current discount about 13,000 or so.answer(3):discount rate of 12,3 baranswer(4):currently about 1.5w discount answer(5):xi'an this place offers 14000 for re READ MORE »

admin 2017-11-06

new wins and odd chun that good point

problem description:new wins and odd chun that good pointanswer(1):hello, personally recommended odd chun.qi jun more fuel-efficient.answer(2):qi chun larger size, spacious, better ride comfort.sales volume of a largeamount of possession, durability and d READ MORE »

admin 2017-11-06

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