harvard h and h which is better!

problemh6 relative to the high sales, the appearance of the atmosphere, spaciousspace, h2 configuration better, fuel consumption is relatively high, see youmore......(5):> hover h6 this configuration is rich in control, high with the vehicleconfigurati READ MORE »

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hand-hyun type how much money can be landing?

problem(3):hello, this car is currently no concessions, guide the price of sales.answer(4):land price is about 11.60 million or so, the above landing price includespurchase tax insurance(simple basic risk estimate) on the card fee! eachregion may be due t READ MORE »

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what does it mean?

problem description:what does it mean?answer(1):tire pressureanswer(2):<p()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()):tire pressure, to inflate it!answer(4):should be tire pressure fault light displayanswer(5):/p>answer(6):tire pressure monit READ MORE »

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how is buick hideo?

problem description:how is buick hideo?answer(1):hideo benefits are better, fuel consumption is also good, comfort is also verygood, stability is also good>this car cost-effective, the whole system comes standard esp, fuel consumptionof seven or eight READ MORE »

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is it necessary to post a post on the card?

problem description:is it necessary to post a post on the card?answer(1):.answer(2):.answer(3):.answer(4):.answer(5):? the theanswer(6):yes!(7):yes, when the card on the need to take pictures, the card is not before thecard is not the necessary trouble, b READ MORE »

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how much money is only

problem description:how much money is onlyanswer(1):a right rear fender seems to have a front bar position! this 4s shop to thewords of the fender need to charge the whole five hundred dollars, the frontbar can be filled, the cost is two hundred dollars!a READ MORE »

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how long it takes for a new car to run

(1):running-in period note that the control speed should not exceed 3000 rpm, thespeed control in 100 yards(3):(4):the first is the first run before the run-in periodanswer(5):when the run-in period is the first 1500km.... READ MORE »

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