a figure with soar team

Problem Description: a figure how to soar team


hello, recommend soar team 1.6 liter!Advantages: 1.The fuel consumption is relatively low t/ 2.0/1.8 appearance vigorous atmosphere(2) the prices in the 130000 s(mt), relatively affordable 3.German car sophisticated technology, the computer system is widely used.4.The senior general car use of esp(body stabilization system, general emergency won't turn over the car), high safety coefficient.The body all the laser welding, craft level is obviously.5.Comfort, absolutely face.6.Manipulation of the good, stable chassis

answer(2) :

soar team good

answer(3) :

soar team is composed air appearance.Streamline car body is very beautiful.Configuration is good, more rich, brand reputation is very high.

answer(4) :

figure space bigger, comfortable configuration is higher, soar team control is better.

answer(5) :

if a figure match can be considered the highest, other configuration or soar team more appropriate some

answer(6) :

the quality of the car is ok.Home no problem.

answer(7) :

a figure intermediate car, space is large, the three emissions more powerful~ but chassis and suspension set-up, transmission technology, as well as soar team, see you on the

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