today set the car hafu h

problem description:today set the car hafu hanswer(1):new? the new fuel economyanswer(2):power is still relatively abundant, the overall performance is relativelystable and reliable.the appearance of the hover h6 retains the suv tough style, the details a READ MORE »

admin 2017-09-16

can i buy a mid-size car?

problem description:can i buy a mid-size car?answer(1):15 million can buy, but are some japanese and korean brands of beggarsversion, not only dynamic difference, security configuration is also verylow.i suggest that a little more budget to see the ford b READ MORE »

admin 2017-09-16

what kind of mid-size car is better?

problem description:i recommend it directly at the highest budget, floor$200,000 optional modelsor very much, such as ford new mondeo, volkswagen magotan, honda accord,toyota camry, etc.are the market is selling models.which to say the mostworthy of recom READ MORE »

admin 2017-09-16

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