carola zeyang?

problem description:carola zeyang?answer(1):carrolla low fuel consumption, good reputation, excellent mechanical quality,sales in august 28968 domestic! high sales, good reputation, worth buying!(2):the corolla engine is very good, and the amount of money READ MORE »

admin 2017-10-08

sagitar from shu this expensive

problem description:sagitar from shu this expensiveanswer(1):yesanswer(2):22000 discount rate, the current is still very goodanswer(3):normal offer 20,000 to 22,000.answer(5):i do not know the price of this car now, sorryanswer(6):can... READ MORE »

admin 2017-10-07

teng good or lang yi good

problem description:teng good or lang yi goodanswer(1):sagitaranswer(2):answer(3):sylphy body stability system is not the whole system standard, if the rightsecurity configuration requirements directly on the high with, and sunny andother non-japanese dep READ MORE »

admin 2017-10-07

the car is good for my car

problem description:the car is good for my caranswer(1):personal recommendation sunny, comprehensive cost-effective, sales andreputation are very goodanswer(2):recommended octavia, the public platform technology, space more superior!answer:that amount of READ MORE »

admin 2017-10-07

how is this fuel expensive?

problem description:how is this fuel expensive?answer(1):compared to other car offers will be higher.but also have to see your personaldriving habits and specific traffic conditionsanswer(2):mai rui po comprehensive fuel consumption of about 10, specifica READ MORE »

admin 2017-10-07

how to choose these three?

problem description(1):of course it is mazda's angsley.answer(3):(4):i chose this you look at it.answer(5):>home i think lanya is good quality work done solid reliability is also goodconcessions in the 20,000 or so... READ MORE »

admin 2017-10-05

roewe rx how to

problem description:roewe rx how toanswer(1):very good, since the listing of the fireanswer(2):hello, the quality of the car is still very good reputation, cost-effective!answer(3):the appearance of more fashionable, spacious space.high profile configurat READ MORE »

admin 2017-10-03

is it safe and reliable? old iron to give advice

problem description:is it safe and reliable? old iron to give adviceanswer(1):what is the main reason to register?answer(2):certainly not so simple...although it does not understand why it is so good todo it! i'm sure it will not let it register my certif READ MORE »

admin 2017-10-02

is this price reasonable?

problem description:is this price reasonable?answer(1):do not understandanswer(2):<p.theanswer(4):loan fee is too highp> answer(5):passanswer(6):good morning! the the theanswer(7):suggested 1.5 of the big one is not the same as driving strong... READ MORE »

admin 2017-10-02

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